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A few words about dairy

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Do you suffer from a lot of mucus in the morning? Did you know that consuming dairy could be a reason for this? Dairy Products are not what they used to be. In Ayurveda Milk is one of the most nourishing and rejuvenating foods. But the milk we consume today is not what it used to be back in ancient India.

Nowadays, I would think twice if you still want to consume dairy products. Of course, it is a personal choice, and most important is that you are listening to your body.

How do you feel after consuming milk, yogurt, or cheese?

I used to love cheese and also milk, and I ate it regularly! But then, about seven years ago, I read Kimberly Snyders Book Beauty Detox, and I loved it! She explained why humans are not meant to eat any animal products. It made so much sense to me.

So just for an experiment, I skipped all dairy products from one day to another– just for the experience. I was sure that it would be temporary, and I would miss my cheese and milk too much.

But surprisingly, the opposite happened. I discovered new foods and some foods I had just totally forgoten about, such as bee pollen, amaranth, chia seeds, different kinds of herbs, fruits, and veggies-lots of green veggies and mung beans.

Before that, I thought it is normal to wake up with a lot of mucus and have pain in the throat every other week, and didn't connect to my diet yet.

When I stopped eating dairy, I could breathe so much better in the morning, I didn't have pain in my throat anymore. And the coolest thing - I rarely suffer never from a cold anymore, and I used to be sick several times a year.

Also, does my skin looks more radiant, and my digestion is better and the bloating stoped.

When I started to study Ayurveda, I learned that dairy increases Kapha (Dominant Elements: #WaterandEarth). For my body type with a lot of Kapha, it was the best choice to skip all dairy. For a Vata Person, this might look different. But in wintertime, it's not the best time since dairy products are cooling for the body. If you decide to still drink milk, keep in mind always choosing a good quality and heat it with spices such as cardamom and black pepper to make it easier to digest. Ayurveda also sais we should always heat milk (cook not put in in the microwave of course!) before we drink it.

Today I only use milk to bath in it during my period - that is recommended in some yogic scripures and I love it!

Do you still consume dairy?

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