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A visit into your deepest self...


1:1 work is my speciality and in my experience? It can be real transformative!

In my meditation sessions I invite you to meet your truest inner self, and help you find lasting inner peace...

Want a session?

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Explore yourself on a deeper level...


In this session you'll discover lessons that are created just for YOU.
This may help identify what your true needs and goals are right now.

How does it work?

In a short preliminary talk we find out which points are important for you and the hour follows your wishes and needs.


These can be physical or mental issues: e.g. headaches, back pain, self-doubt, stress, anxiety.

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Ready to meditate with me?

There are many different forms of Meditations, and I have collected a beautiful Backpack full of different varieties.

Depending on your energy type, I decide which type of Meditation we use.


Sometimes I use guided meditations where we will work with Energy, Light, or even Angels.


Other times we shake our bodies or we use walking meditation in nature, or meditate in silence.


In Kundalini Yoga, we most of the time use an active form of Meditation, which includes reciting a Mantra while holding a Mudra (Hand Position) or use a Pranayama (Breath Technique).


This way of doing Meditation is called Celestial Communication.

“Celestial Communication is a body-motivated language that relaxes your brain waves.”

I have had intense experiences in Meditations instructed by Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga Master). And I can help you experience them too.

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New to meditation? You're in the right place...

I'd love to introduce you to the magical world of Meditation. Because for me meditation is the key lasting inner peace and happiness.


I will show you how you can quickly, establish a daily Meditation Practice to mkae yourself feel more joyful when you wish.


With regular meditation practice, you will soon be able to manage stress better and feel calmer even under pressure.

After a short briefing, we will find out what kind of Meditation you feel most comfortable and will benefit the most from.

Ready to begin? 


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I look forward to our session<3

Much love, Daniela

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