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Holistic Detox Program

3 Week Online Program starts on Oct 12th

  • Starts Oct 19
  • 150.00
  • Via Zoom

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I will guide you through 3 weeks of detoxing your body, mind, soul, and energy with Ayurveda, Yoga, and Energy Work The course includes -3 Circles including Lecture, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Work, and time for an exchange -Facebook or Telegram group with additional inspiration and interaction -Factsheet packed with helpful information to best support you through the 3 phases of this program. Includes: Everyday tools, rituals, nutrition tips, recipes... Optional: 1:1 Session with me a 60 minutes for a Special Price No previous experience is necessary! Here's what you can look forward to: 🙏 Learn about Ayurveda 🌿Discover what a healthy diet is 🧘 Experience the power of Yoga, and Belief Work, and Energy Work 📿 Bring more simplicity back into your life 💃 Get your metabolism going 🔥 Improve your digestion 🌟 Strength your immune system and prepare yourself for the colder season 😍 Invest in your overall health, wellness, and personal happiness 💟 Make your well-being your top priority 🧚🏽 Let go of what you no longer need (on all levels: physical, mental, and energetic) ❤️ Connect with other Goddesses just like you 👸🏽 Learn to dance with the different energies of the female cycle 📿And MORE The course is divided into 3 phases: Week 1️⃣: Preparation Week - How does Ayurveda work? Why do we do this in the first place? We start with attunement and preparation and set our personal goals. We make the first adjustments, organize the necessary food and spices, and plan the next two weeks. We start cultivating our spiritual practice. Week 2️⃣: Detox Week - This is the actual Detox. We now consciously take a break to detoxify the body, mind, and energy gently and healthily. The Main Focus is our Agni (digestive fire, which is responsible for the digestion of food but also of experiences). Week 3️⃣: Strengthening the immune system and preparing for the appropriate lifestyle for winter ❄️ The focus is now on strengthening ourselves. The lifestyle is now nourishing and strengthening - we create Ojas (immune system, life force, vitality, radiance). Live Circles (duration ca 1h 30 min) : Wednesday, Oct 19th 19:00 Wednesday, Oct 26th 19:00 Wednesday, Nov 2nd 19:00 ➡️If you cannot attend the classes live, you will receive a recording. The basic price for the 3-week Detox Program is CHF 150.00 or EUR 150.00 Optional: 1:1 session with me for the special price of CHF 111.00 or EUR 111.00

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