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Strand Yoga

Are you ready to get on the mat with me?

My Classes help you to

  • Release stress

  • To become more flexible in body and mind

  • Stimulate the glandular system 

  • Rejuvenate

  • Feel more joyful and positive emotions!

  • Uncover more inner peace🕊️

and and and...

 It is difficult to describe, you have to make your own experience.

Read more about how I teach below.

Regular Group Classes

Every second Monday



Yoga Schule Linda Schobinger

Farbweg 11   

CH-8805 Richterswil 

Please register here


Kundalini Yoga


19:00 - 20:30 CEST

➡️Open for everyone



Women Class


19:00 - 20:30 CEST

➡️This class is 100% adapted for the female body.

Sunday July - September

Kundalini Yoga

Live Class in Zurich Wollishofen, Landiwiese

09:30 -10:45 CEST

➡️Open for everyone

Full Moon and New Moon Yoga

ONLINE (New Classes after the Summer)

Special class on the actual day of the Full/New Moon

19:00- 20:30 CEST

➡️For Women


send me a message:



Please contact me directly for private 1:1 Classes

How I teach

For me, yoga is much more than practicing physical exercises. I consider yoga as a way of life. I see it like this, we practice on the mat to stay relaxed in all kinds of exercises. And that' s what we want to take with us into life, so that we can stay more relaxed and deal with difficult life situations better. 


Over the years I have developed my own style inspired by Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa, which is feminine, intuitive, creative and meditative. I like to give my students a lot of freedom and want them to move in the way that feels right for them. 

The goal is for participants to find their own rhythm, move freely, and connect more deeply with their bodies. 


In addition, I integrate the energies of the present (astrology, seasons, etc.) and the knowledge of Ayurveda into my teaching.


I also teach classical Kundalini Yoga in an intuitive and undogmatic way.

Contact me any time if you have questions!

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