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1. How does a Session work?

This description is a rough description, but of course, I leave a lot of room for individuality because I intend to see and pick up each person in his uniqueness.

We start with a relaxed conversation, where you can tell me about your issue and why you have come to me. 

Then follows the anamnesis, and I ask you specific questions to better understand you.

Next, the actual Session begins. I use Hypnosis or Theta Healing to bring you into a relaxed state. In addition, I use muscle testing to help you communicate better with the unconscious and get to the root of the issues, to change them and bring them into a positive state. 

If necessary, we complete the Session with physical exercises, breathing techniques and/or meditation.

Afterward follows a final talk, we discuss your experience with the Session, and I will provide you with additional tips that you can apply in your everyday life. 

These can be nutrition tips, yoga exercises, meditations, lifestyle tips from Ayurveda, or other tools.

2. Can I choose the tools you use?

Yes absolutely! My work is characterized by individuality and my customers are in the spotlight and may

choose at any time, if desired. 

You can tell me in advance or on site what you want to work on. If you don't feel comfortable with something, we'll leave it out.

3. How long is a session

In general a session takes 1h30min to 2h.

But the first meeting takes a bit longer becaus the anamnesis takes about 1h plus the session itself aprox. 1h30h. You can choose yourself if you want to determine the time in advance, but I recommend to leave it open, as it is difficult to estimate how long it will take depending on the topic.  Contact me directly for questions.

4. Are the sessions Online or at the practice?

I offer both but at the moment only Online Sessions are possible. However, there will soon be the possibility to come to my sessions on site in my practice in Zurich. 

In my experience both have their advantages. Since we want to go into deep relaxation, some people find it easier when they are at home in their familiar surroundings. For others it is the opposite and they feel disturbed at home.

In general, anything can be covered in an online session just like in a live session. The decision is up to you. I recommend coming to my office for an initial session. Get on the waiting list for these appointments! Planned start is in September.

5. Price?

I have an hourly rate of CHF 145.00 per hour and charge in 10min tact. A first anamnesis takes about 1.30h plus the session itself at least 1h. You can choose yourself if you want to determine the time in advance, but I recommend to leave it open, as it is difficult to estimate how long it will take depending on the topic.  Contact me directly for questions.

You can pay cash on the spot, with Twint or via bank transfer.

I offer discounts for the unemployed or people in difficult financial situations.

5. 2 Do I offer different prices for other countries?

 Yes, please contact me directly if you are located in a country other than Switzerland and would like to

book an online class with me.

5.  What if I can’t make it to the session?

When you sign up for a session it is binding from the moment I confirm it in writing. If you are unable to attend, you can cancel 48 hours in advance and I will not charge you. In case of cancellation at short notice I charge CHF 145.00.


6. I’m new to this do I need prior experience or knowledge?

No, you don't need any previous experience. Just showing interest in what I have to offer shows that you are ready for this kind of work.

Just come curious and with an open mind, everything else will come by itself.


8. I’m a man is this only for women?

Yes, my offers are for all genders but I am specialized in woking with women and there are certain topics that I only work on with women, such as (obviously) menstration topics or sexuality.


9. I don't know if it's for me, what can I do?

You can contact me and we can arrange a 15 minute phone call or Zoom Call to find out if my tools are what you are looking for and if I am the person you trust.

10. Do you offer packages?

Yes,if you want to commit to at least 4 sessions with me (especially recommended if you are interested in coaching), I will give you a discount 10% until Dec 31st 2022 and 5% in 2023.

This is highly recommended especially if you are interested to integrade a Coaching. 

Contact me for more information.

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