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Welcome to my site, a safe place for growth and transformation as you create the best version of yourself.


I am here to help you with holistic therapy and coaching approach to reclaim your power and rewrite your life story.

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

"You cannot teach a person anything, you can

only help them discover it within themselves."

Galileo Galilei

Can you identify with one or more

of the following examples?

  • Struggling to calm your thoughts and live in the moment.

  • Not being able to fall asleep or sleep through the night because you are stressed, and your mind is constantly active.

  • You find it difficult to be productive because you feel tired, exhausted, or lazy.

  • Continually having a little ache or pain.

  • You believe you are not enough (pretty, intelligent, good ...). 

  • You often feel overwhelmed by everyday life.

  • You have tried various relaxation methods and health tips, but nothing has worked in the long run.

  • Feeling uninspired and bored, you constantly look for stimulation and new things to do.

  • You find that specific patterns keep repeating, and you can't escape them. 

  • You've fallen for online programs that promise all sorts of things but never deliver real or lasting results


If you can say yes to one or more then keep reading.

You have come to the right place.


Hey Love!

My name is Daniela Hofmann, I am a

  • certified​ Hypnosis Therapist

  • certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner

  • certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach and  Ayurvedic Nutritionist 

  • certified (Kundalini, Hatha and Vinyasa) Yoga and Meditation Teacher 



I support women (just like you) on their destined journey.

I am here to help you:

1)    Rewrite your story

2)    Live your truth

3)    Become your most vibrant, authentic and healthiest self! 

Here's a bit about me and how

I help my clients… 

My philosophy: Holistic, individual, practical, simple, transformative.

My values: Discreet, transparent, open-minded, honest, empathic, and non-judgmental.

Get a combination of ancient yet powerful healing techniques…

You see…

In my 1:1 sessions, I use unique holistic tools such as Kinesiology, where we use specific muscle testing to get answers directly from your subconscious mind. 

This technique, combined with Hypnosis, Theta Healing, Ayurveda, and more tools, allows me to work holistically, precisely, and profoundly to find the root of your problem.

And best of all? This unique technique allows me to figure out how to change the problem.


Even if you’ve never tried holistic healing tools before!

In fact this holistic techniques are so simple it works on almost anyone.


Now… If you're not sure if it will work for you, I hear you!



I know how it feels…


You see…

My own history led me to these holistic methods because in my past I often felt overwhelmed


I didn't feel good and was constantly stressed or had some kind of discomfort.


And for a long time, I even believed that this was normal.

That all changed when I dived deeper into Yoga Philosophy and Ayurveda in 2015, bringing me my long-awaited answers.


Over the years, more and more new techniques came along that made my work even more refined, timely, deep, and more precise.

For the past years, I have been passionately engaged in a holistic way of living and thinking. 


This lifestyle improved my health and the joy of life. 


And I discovered that only with a holistic approach that includes body, mind, energy and soul can you achieve long-term success.


Now I am convinced of these valuable methods because I have observed both in myself and in my clients how their health, vitality, enthusiasm for life, energy level, charisma, etc., have improved tremendously.


Read more about my Story

''If you are always trying to be normal,

you will never know how amazing you can be!''

Maya Angela



Does that sound like something

you'd love to realize?

  • Become the best version of yourself.

  • Feel vital, healthy and full of energy.

  • Free yourself from a stressful life that feels limiting.

  • Experience more joy.

  • Create your own system that's right for you. 

  • Let go of old, unhealthy belief patterns. 

  • No longer let past experiences define your life.

  • Living in a self-determined way and taking responsibility for yourself.

  • Free yourself from any form of dependence or addiction.

  • Have harmonious relationships.

  • To have the courage to be yourself and to go your own way. 

  • Feel comfortable in yourself and your body. 

  • Fully accept and love yourself. 

  • Live the life of your dreams. 

  • Get closer to your own life's purpose and live it out. 

  • Find your own balance in life.

  • Learn to trust yourself and your intuition.

  • Become resilient.

  • Working in a job that makes you happy and fulfilled.

  • Have meaningful relationships.

Yes? Then I have great news for you :-)

This is the transformation I take you towards!

Here’s what to do now…

If you’d like to improve your self esteem, health or relationships with others…


You can book a FREE 15 minute call with me today, if you’d like.

Get to know me and book your free 1:1 Coaching Zoom Call with me now


And depending on what you would like to work on I will use different tools in our 1:1 Sessions to optimally help you get what you need right now. 


We will discuss together beforehand how we will proceed, to make sure you feel comfortable and safe.


And depending on what you would like to work on I will guide you specifically to the answers you are longing to know so you can experience your own "Aha" moments and breakthroughs.


In addition, you'll get simple tools for your daily life to rewrite your story, strengthen your energy & fall in love with yourself.


Plus much MUCH more!


>>>Click here to book your free zoom call now


What happens in our 1:1 Session?

You can either book an Online Session with me, or a live session in Richterswil. The live sessions take place in the therapy room at Cinque, Schützengass 11, 8805 Richterswil, Switzerland.
















First, we will discuss together how we will proceed and what methods we will use to ensure that you get the maximum benefit, while feeling comfortable and safe.


And depending on what you would like to work on I will guide you specifically to the answers you are longing to know so you can experience your own "aha" moments and breakthroughs.


In addition, you'll get simple tools for your daily life to let go of unhealthy habits and believe systems, rewrite your story, strengthen your energy & fall in love with yourself.


Plus much MUCH more!


>>>Click here to book your free 15 minute zoom call now

There is no topic that can't be worked on, but here is a list of topics that I have experience with:


  1. Chronic pain

  2. Digestive problems

  3. Thyroid problems

  4. Stress

  5. Test anxiety

  6. ADHD

  7. Hormones

  8. Women's issues (menstruation, body acceptance, female sexuality)

  9. Infertility

  10. Overload

  11. Mobbing

  12. Addictive behaviors

  13. Unhealthy habits

  14. Behavioral patterns

  15. Eating disorders

  16. Weight problems

  17. Body awareness

  18. Low self-esteem

  19. Self-destructive behavior

  20. Self-acceptance

  21. Family issues

  22. Personal development

  23. Relationships

  24. Co-dependency

  25. Spiritual development

  26. Recognizing soul purpose

  27. Forgiveness work

  28. Inner child work

''There are only two ways to live your life. One is as nothing is a miracle. The other is as everything is a miracle. '' 

Albert Einstein

Here are some of the

methods you’ll experience when we work together




Hypnosis is one of the oldest techniques and its effects are more and more scientifically proven today.

With this technique we access the subconscious mind. We get to the root of the imbalance and rewrite history.

Read more about Hypnotherapy


ThetaHealing® is an energetic healing method that can be applied to anything desired, but it is especially useful for dissolving deep-seated beliefs that lie dormant in the subconscious mind. We look for the belief system that is the basis for everything we tell ourselves and dissolve it. We also use muscle testing here to confirm the beliefs.

Read more about ThetaHealing®

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga means union. The goal of yoga is to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony. Through physical exercises (asanas), breath and meditation, we connect not only with our bodies, but also with our inner self. Since memories are also stored in the body, asanas can be a wonderful and effective support to release blockages.

Read more about Yoga.


Kinesiology assumes that the body knows everything. With certain muscle tests we get answers directly from the subconscious. This allows us to work in a very targeted and profound way.

We use this technique to find out what we are really thinking underneath the thoughts that come up.

Read more about Kinesiology

Energy work

I see all my work as energy work, but as a complement to my other treatments I use specific energy work where I work with the energy of creation and help you to balance the energy channels and chakras in your body. We have 72,000 energy channels in the body and depending on experiences and imprints, energy can be blocked.

Among other influences, this work is inspired by Reiki and SatNam Rasayan.


Ayurveda is a holistic Indian healing system, which is about 5000 years old. It works individually and according to the individual body-mind and energy type. Ayurveda can be easily integrated into everyday life and only small modifications can have a big effect on our health and quality of life.

Read more about Ayurveda



Ayurvedic Nutrition

The Ayurvedic diet works differently than the Western nutritional recommendations. It is also individual, seasonal and type dependent. In Ayurveda, it is said that almost all diseases originate in the digestive system. Therefore, in Ayurveda it is indispensable to pay great attention to nutrition and to follow the appropriate diet and lifestyle according to the particular body/mind types (doshas). Just the smallest adjustment in daily life can have a tremendous impact on health and well-being.

Read more about the ayurvedic way of eating


Please note that the alternative healing methods mentioned here are not a substitute for medical treatment by a licensed physician or medical professional. The use of these methods should rather be seen as additional support and energetic assistance.

Here’s what to do now…


If you would like to rewrite your lifestory now...


Apply below or send me a message under & I’ll message you back within 24 hours.


Sounds good? 


>>>Click here to book your free 15 minute zoom call with me!

I look forward to meeting you:)


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