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What my clients say

Image by Benjamin Wedemeyer



 Daniela gave me a ThetaHealing Session and it was my first ThetaHealing experience. Daniela explained everything very well and guided me very professionally through the session. I felt very well taken care of and found it impressive how extremely appropriate and concrete she formulated her intuitive perceptions for new beliefs. 
I have done a lot of different healing work and sometimes it works stronger, sometim
es weaker. It is always magical when a session is really strongly felt. That's how I felt after this healing session: I felt a strong change already during it and especially the next day I felt really good and my energy was much higher than before. I found the Theta-Healing approach very exciting in general, because you really go to the root of the problem and work not just superficially. I will gladly come again and recommend Daniela wholeheartedly 🙂.

Angela, Zürich

I had a powerful Thetahealing session with Daniela.

Daniela took me in a journey into the most vulnerable parts of me, parts I didn't know were in need of attention. I felt myself opening up and bringing up experiences, fears and emotions feeling safe to do so for the first time. I felt held and lovingly guided by Daniela's almost angelic support.

Liz, Zürich


My longstanding issue of heart issues was uncovered and released to the root in just a few minutes of hypnosis. I felt perfectly comfortable with Daniela. She is clear and empathic. I highly recommend working with her!

Franziska, Langenthal

Feedback Coaching, Readings, Yoga 

I have already enjoyed various coaching sessions with Daniela.

From Ayurveda Coaching from a Moonreadinreading to various Yoga Workshops.

She is always very involved with me and inspires me again and again with her great knowledge. 

I love to be inspired by Daniela. She is warm, cheerful, empathetic and very authentic to me, I feel comfortable enjoying her work. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Daniela.


Rahel, Horgen

Feedback Holistic Health Coaching

I am so grateful for the interesting and exciting coaching I was able to experience with her. She gave me great nutrition and beauty tips that I was able to implement in my daily life and which I still use today. And even though it's been a long time since I've been with her, her positive words still come to my mind from time to time. :)I was allowed to get to know my body in a new way and I found that mega exciting.

I was especially infected by her super positive nature and her charisma!


Delia, St. Gallen

Feedback - Guided Nutrition Program

Daniela accompanied and supported me for several weeks during the " detox - with an alkaline diet – program’’ . Before that I had not really dealt with this topic, but I realized that a change and an adapted diet can change a lot. I also had fewer digestive problems during this cure and felt more energetic and vital.

Her tips and documents are very clear and understandable and her personal touch has also been incorporated into this project. She is doing a great job and her great experience of Ayurveda and the training as a nutritionist she can bring in perfectly.


Corinne, Zürich

Feedback Online Program

''Detox the body and boost immune system''

I attended Danielas Online three-week program. It was a very exciting experience for me. It was not only about nutrition, but also about mind and soul. It did a lot of good for me and I was able to consciously take a lot with me and I realized that it is actually not that difficult as I thought. Also the spirituality, of which we / I generally have too little, was put more into the center and lived.

This balance and this other world does me a lot of good, gives me a lot of energy and calms me down. 

Thank you very much for the exciting experience!

Melanie, Zürich

This program gave me a break in the topic of food at the perfect time. The change in diet has set a lot in motion. I came by day more deeply in connection with me and especially during the actual fast week I didn't feel the need to eat sweets or other "comfort food". The approach to speak lovingly with yourself and to greet yourself with a loving nickname like Goddess or Love was so powerful. I especially liked the way she brought this aspect into the group. I will continue with the detox of negative self-talk and I will continue with the oil massage to get into my lust and sexuality. I want to pursue this further.

Mirjam, Aarau


Thanks Daniela for this great time. At the beginning of the Detox - cure I had a huge - respect. Now I don't drink coffee or alcohol for 5 weeks and I eat mainly Ayurveda. I feel terrific. Very light. My mind is focused and much more concentrated.
A great side effect is of course that the pounds are falling. I thank you for this input in my life. I would not have thought that such a small change can have such a big effect.

Julia, Zürich

Feedback Yoga Classes

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and in that time, I have come across a handful of teachers who have inspired me and truly lifted me. Daniela is one of these teachers. By regularly attending her classes my life flows with more ease and lightness. Her own deep commitment to her Yoga and Meditation practice enable her to hold a powerful space, I leave each class feeling a little more healed and transformed and well prepared to be fully engaged in my day.


Kristen, Thalwil

The Kundalini-Yoga with Daniela is always well structured, very diversified and has a different theme every week. The atmosphere in the room is always very pleasant and the music/mantra selection for the exercises is very harmonious. Most of all I appreciate the meditation at the end and of course Daniela's upright and positive attitude towards life. Kundalini Yoga has opened up a new perspective on my everyday life, has inspired me to think more about my life and has given me courage for change.


Nicole, Zürich

What I like the most in Daniela’s yoga classes is that I feel that the spirit of kundalini yoga really inhabitates in her, that she fully believes in what she teaches and that she transmits it in a very deep way to others.


Camilla, Thalwil

I like to come to Daniela’s Vinyasa yoga and Kundalini yoga classes because I love her endless fountain of positive energy. She runs them with huge smile on her face and she is very enthusiastic about yoga, especially Kundalini yoga. Her classes never the same, she always changes the program and exercise. She always starts and finishes them with meditation.  I always feel recharger after her class.


Tanya, Kilchberg

Before I went to Daniela in Yoga, I had never heard of Kundalini Yoga 😬😲 and suddenly it was everywhere! What I especially appreciate about Daniela's classes is her authentic way, she doesn't try to hit a certain tone/style, she just is herself. She teaches freely, by feeling. I like her intuitive way. Also, her deep conviction towards Kundalini Yoga fascinates me. Her positive charisma with simultaneous real vulnerability is really unique! I am so happy I met her 🤸🏻😍"


Corina, Rüschlikon

Daniela teaches clearly and competently. Her style is very authentic and the lessons are well balanced. Her person is amiable, warm and committed.   I always feel balanced and refreshed after the class.

Hilde, Zürich

I love going to Daniela's Kundalini Yoga classes for many reasons: the atmosphere is always very peaceful, authentic, spiritual and down-to-earth at the same time.

I get very good explanations, the exercises do exactly what they are supposed to do (e.g. detoxification exercises result in nausea in my body and relaxation exercises in extremely good sleep, which I rarely had before) and the music and mantras fit very well in each case. You look at and design the Kriyas holistically, profoundly, creatively and at the same time practicable (inclusion of astrology, Ayurveda, seasons, classical Kundalini). I am surprised every time how little physical effort (from the outside) you can achieve sore muscles, blood circulation and warmth, and how little tears are released ;-)


For me, the 90 minutes are often my relaxation highlight of the week, in which I come to myself physically, mentally and emotionally and thus also to important insights and strength for everyday life. I love the gentleness and strength of the yoga class, and that you offer variations on many of the exercises that are too strict for me. For me it is a real enrichment for my body and especially for my heart. I thank Daniela sincerely for her dedication, sharing her knowledge, her thoroughness, variety in the program, her truthfulness and warmth. I am also very happy that zoom sessions are possible, which makes it possible for me to be there weekly now.  I am also very thankful for the weekly Vibration Update "newsletter" that 'tunes me in' and always gives me a lot.


Silvia, Zürich


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