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A few things you should know about the pill

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

🔻It's not news that taking the pill can lead to weight gain, risk of thrombosis, increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, and much more.

🌹But did you know that the pill shrinks the ovaries and clitoris?

It also decreases libido and the sex experience.

🔻And yes, it even affects which men we find attractive?

When women take the pill, we hear that they no longer feel attracted to their partner. Or when they stop taking the pill; they no don't understand what they ever found attractive about that partner.

🌹The pill suppresses ovulation and, therefore, the natural cycle altogether. Also, menstruation is not real menstruation but artificially induced and actually completely unnecessary. This means that the woman completely loses the precious phases of menstruation.

🔻After years of taking the pill, it is exhausting for the body to find back into the natural menstrual cycle, and not infrequently, this takes months or even years until it has settled again. That might also make it challenging to get pregnant if that is desired.

🌹Obviously, it is a personal decision if a woman wants to take the pill, and of course, it gave women a lot of new freedom when it came out. But we live in 2021, and we know a lot more today.

🔻It is simply crucial that one is aware of what one is taking and what the effect is.

🌹My personal experience with the pill was very unpleasant, which is why I am so passionate about this topic. It was over 15years ago, and I had only taken it for a few years in my early 20s. When I communicated about my experience, I felt alone and not understood, and I was told I was just being super sensitive, even though I had noticed umpteen side effects such as:

Weight gain, water retention, constant fatigue, and concentration problems , I was classified as thrombosis-prone and felt unattractive and sluggish.

🔻When I stopped taking the pill, I started to blossom, I lost weight, felt sexy, attractive, my sex life became much more intense and I was attracted to a different type of man than before.

🔻I am so happy that I have listened to my body back then already

Share your experience with me!🔻

Raise your Vibration, Goddess!



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