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''When we women reconnect with our blood, the bloodshed on earth will stop.“

🔻A wise woman once said this, I don't remember who it was but it touched me deeply and gave me goose bumps. I knew it was true and it made me aware of my responsibility as a woman.


🌹Thousands of years ago we women had a very different connection to our blood, our yoni and sexuality and it was all honored and adored.

🩸 All of this has been suppressed and condemned as dirty over the last thousands of years - when in reality it is the most precious and powerful thing we women possess.

🔻Although I had always loved my cycle and menstruating, I didn't really know about the magic that the female cycle holds for a long time.

🌹It was only about 5 years ago that I began to intensively explore and connect with it. To dissolve imposed shame and transform it into a feeling of pride.

🩸 Today I love my menstrual blood and yes I practice rituals with it. Never would I throw a tampon full of precious blood in the trash today. Never would I put a bleached tampon in my precious body. Instead, I collect the blood in a Moon Cup and then give it to a plant, paint a picture with it, or use it for facials.

🔻I know, some people will think this is crazy, but I don't care. Because I feel even more connected to my female physicality and the feminine energy of the earth. I have realized how powerful the work with one's own blood is.

♥️By the way, menstrual blood is not just normal blood, it is pure and full of stem cells. In my opinion it is important that we women become aware again of how divine and precious our blood is and that this is not something we have to hide or even be ashamed of.

🔻Tell me, what is your relationship with your blood?


Raise your Vibration, Godess!



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