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Blood Wisdom

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Happy new year to me and every lady who had already their first period in 2021!

More and more, I want to live life according to a more natural rhythm. That is why I celebrated a little new year with the first new moon and my first period a few days ago. It feels more natural to me than just celebrating according to dates without any specific energetic reason. It doesn't even make sense to start fresh in the middle of winter. Spring is yet the real new year for sure but yeah.

I dream of a wold where it is just normal for us women to live according to our rhythm instead. Nature has put it all so perfectly together for us - all the wisdom was here for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the past thousands of years, the world was ruled by strong male energy, but that is about to change. As I see it, the world of the future is more feminine, soft, loving, compassionate, wise, and not linear but more floating.

I love talking about the women's body and its cycle, which I want to share more in the future. We have those four completely different phases:

Menstruation: winter

After Menstruation until Ovulation: spring

Ovulation: summer

After Ovulation until Blood comes: fall

When we know them, we can ride the wave of womanhood way better!

I will write more about the different seasons and how to use each one in the future.

In my generation, we didn't talk about. But that has shifted enormously over the last few years. I finally find all the answers I have been looking for for so long.

I was one of those who was looked at super weird because I just stopped the pill about 15 years ago because it made me feel so shitty. Back then, I thought it's just me, and it's my body's fault. Thank god I have learned better years ago and fully understand how my body and, especially ovaries work.

It has become so normal to talk about the cycle with friends. I love his topic and everything that has to do with the ovaries and yoni!

A fun fact; I have always experienced that I would bleed at the same time as my co-worker or friends. Just people I feel connected, blood connects us, women. Our bodies talk to each other.

Menstruation's time 🩸 is something beautiful and precious our intuition is heightened at that time. It's the winter season, time to go inward, to be alone, connect to spirits, ancestors, to receive the downloads and answers to all our questions. It is such a powerful time and one of my favorite times of the month - it gives me permission to stop everything and listen.


During this time, I try to consciously take some time for myself for my little blood rituals mantras and a lot of sleep and offline time.

It is soooo good!

Tell me all about your rituals, love!


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