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Self-empowerment through self-knowledge. False myths of hypnosis

"I would never let myself be hypnotized because I want to be in control."

Have you ever heard someone saying that, or maybe said it yourself?

The statement above is interesting because it must come from someone who doesn't know what Hypnosis is.

Hypnosis and ThetaHealing® are among the most powerful tools that I offer. By the way, Theta Healing is also a form of Hypnosis, but this technique is energetic and spiritual and works on different (energetic) levels.

In Hypnosis and ThetaHealing® one is always fully conscious and, at the same time, deeply relaxed because this way, we can access the subconscious.

During the whole session, the client is in control, and she is in the driver's seat. I am only the channel and guide for the ride.

I am in constant communication, and ultimately the client decides how deeply she wants to dive into the issues.

These techniques aim to dive into our unconsciousness to remember past experiences and uncover what is behind a negative belief or (behavior) pattern.

In this way, one experiences an 'aha' moment and can experience a clarifying and healing insight or realization. A complete dissolution usually requires exercises and self-reflection in everyday life, but sometimes it is possible to dissolve an issue in a single session. Every person reacts differently and has their own pace.

We, humans, are incredibly complex beings, and many issues are not even our own. Many have been forced upon us, inherited, energetic entanglements or unfinished contracts of life (e.g., old love promises).

These methods help to look at things from a deeper perspective and to understand the bigger connections and entanglements. The aim is to bring the negative aspects into the positive through self-knowledge.

My offer is not about giving up control or making you dependent on me. Instead, you will gain control and self-empowerment through self-knowledge to awaken your true potential and create your life more freely.

Only when we know ourselves well and understand our actions can we grow and awaken our true potential, and these techniques greatly support this.

So my offer is not to give up control or to make you dependent on me. Instead, you get control and self-empowerment through self-knowledge to awaken your true potential and shape your life more freely.

I recorded a podcast episode about this topic. Listen to it if you want to know more! You also find my Podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you like to listen to your Podcasts.


Daniela 💫


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