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Why you should stay away from toxic positivity

Are you already being completely honest with yourself?

Especially in the spiritual realm, I often see people who sugarcoat everything. A gratitude practice is incredibly powerful when used properly but harmful when you unconsciously lie to yourself.

If you hate your situation and tell yourself I'm grateful for it, and I'm happy, that manipulates your subconscious mind in all the wrong ways.

Also, you're suppressing your true feelings, which are always your best guide. We all probably know by now how unhealthy and dangerous it can be when we suppress our feelings - at some point, it comes to an explosion!

If you are interested in living the life of your dreams, you MUST be honest with yourself.

You know what - it's okay to want something different than what society promotes.

Dare to dream big instead of keeping yourself small by lying to yourself about how happy you are.

By the way, it's absolutely possible to be grateful and still want something more/else.

Example: I'm happy that I have a job that gives me structure and pays me money so I can pay the rent, BUT I hate that particular job, so I look for other opportunities.

I am in no way advocating being unhappy and complaining all the time.

I'm just telling you that you don't have to act happy if you're not, and I am addressing the shady trap of keeping yourself unnecessarily small because you're spiritual, a good person, decent, don't want to stand out, want to conform....

Ultimately, all this brings you neither true happiness nor joy, at most a covering of emptiness.

Free yourself from what others expect and stand by your own values, needs, desires, boundaries, and limitations - even if some won't like you anymore. They were never really there for you anyway.

Living against yourself robs you of valuable energy and time you could use to build your dream life.

The key here is to look at yourself holistically and work with the perception of your feelings in your body: feel your feels and use them. Be sure to work with your body to canalize your feelings as well - for example, with dancing, shaking, yoga, breathing exercises, etc....

I am happy to support you with holistic and energetic methods like hypnosis, ThetaHealing, and Ayurveda on this path. That you can finally burn old belief patterns of how you are supposed to be so you can live the life of your dreams, which is aligned with your uniqueness.

By the way, even if you don't know yet what you really want, I will help you to find out what your life's purpose is.


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