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From Karma to Dharma

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Vibration Update June 21st-June 27th

From Karma to Dharma

This week is energetically a big deal! The Full Moon helps us so that we can finally move forward and let go of past believes and traumatic experiences from our childhood and even other lifetimes.

It's no accident that you have chosen to be alive right now.

Before the Full Moon, Shadows and darkness in the form of insecurity, doubt, self-limiting beliefs, even self-hate or self-betrayal might come for a visit again. You might feel unloved or not worthy.

And you know what, don't push it away but instead observe it curiously and ask yourself what does it want to tell me? This is delicious inner child work.

It's about self-reflection and looking at our own behavior. I repeat our own behavior - not the one from the people around us our own!!! Embrace your inner child - you are an adult now you can take care of it.

We always attract similar energies in the form of people that are within us. That is just the law. The faster we accept this, the faster we can change it.

For me, it's overthinking my Business. But also, my dog Lakshmi is bringing up unprocessed anger from my childhood. My intellect says it's ridiculous, but I know something underneath wants to be healed. So I stay in the feeling even though some part of me wants just to suppress it and distract myself to numb the feeling.

It's so easy, and I have lived like this for years. I wanted to numb the bad feelings and distracted myself with work, food, shopping, travels, alcohol, parties, dating, sex so that I did not have to feel it and feel better for the moment.

This is called addiction.

Put your hand on your heart - sounds familiar?

No need to be ashamed. We all tend to that. It's a quick fix. But there is another way, and now is the time to FINALLY change the limiting belief you have about yourself.

We no longer have to be stuck in old patterns that come from experiences that are long gone!

The key is to trust your FEELING. I have been talking about this a lot, and I am sure that we know the answer if we connect to our bodies and FEEL into it. For us women, the answer comes from our womb space. She knows everything.

In 2021 we have done a lot of work already, and I know it has been a bit hard for many of us. But now, it is time to embody it and to move from the mind to the heart. We can move from the intellect to our feelings. Our feelings are our home.

It is our own choice, giving our power away to what we are told or listen to ourselves and build a new way of living—help to build the new world.

At the full moon, we should start to know which way to go. Of course, it is a start, and we need time to embody it fully. But the first step is always the hardest and most important.

What will help you this week:

Turn inward. Listen to yourself. Yoga. Breath Work. Chanting Mantras such as Akaal. Journal. Turn off the news. Avoid negative conversations.




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