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Is Kundalini Yoga dangerous?

We often hear this question in Kundalini Yoga.

The answer can be yes, because

🔺When you start practicing, you may become addicted and not want to practice any other yoga styles.

🔻Especially in the beginning, the energy increases, and you have so much energy that you don't know where to put it.

🔺You start to change and become stronger. The people around you no longer know how to deal with you.

🔻Your awareness grows, and your intuition sharpens - you are not so easily manipulated.

🔺Other people might find you uncomfortable and triggering.

🔻If practiced in an unprofessional environment, there can be negative side effects.

🔺If a grounding practice is missing, you might feel spaced out all the time. Especially People with a lot of Vata.

What is your experience and opinion about this? Pls share in comments! 🔻♥️🔻



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