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My spiritual path

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

My spiritual path

It's so funny that people ask me occasionally when my spiritual path began. But it is clear to me that it began in this lifetime at the moment of birth.

Because whether we actively practice spirituality or not doesn't really matter. The essence of us is spiritual and we are all here in the Earth School to learn and evolve spiritually.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

But of course, I also had this so-called turning point, which I'll tell you a little bit about here.

Sometimes we get off track and we lose the connection to our higher self. We fall. We get sick. We lose everything. We doubt. We become depressed.

BUT the soul is always there and even in such moments we hear it, even if only for fractions. This connection is what helps us to go on. We are all guided.

So I always knew about this connection and I lived my life according to it often. Naturally, I have made many wrong decisions. I have suffered. I've been in unhealthy relationships, been taken advantage of and mentally abused and treated unfairly.

But hey, wait!

That's the ego talking, of course. The ego always wants to label everything as good or bad and preferably blame others. But if I am completely honest, I also have to admit that I had attracted all these experiences and had chosen them for my further development. These experiences were important for my personal growth. That is why today I am so good at helping others who are stuck in similar situations.

Today, I also realize that my beliefs were shaped by fear, and as a result, I attracted certain people and experiences with my energy. So I was inviting certain life experiences myself.

Although I knew exactly how unhealthy this way of life was, for a long time I just couldn't get away from it, it was like an addiction. And at some point, of course, the breakdown came. I couldn't sleep anymore, I had constant pain, panic attacks and felt lost, I had the feeling of being disconnected from myself and I was insanely scared!

That was the turning point. I remember lying in my bed in such pain that I thought I was going to die now.

An inner voice then told me that everything was fine and that I just needed to make some changes in my life. This voice explained to me that everything I wished for was possible.

Everything I needed was already there, I just had to be brave enough to go for it. And that's what I did!

All of a sudden I was able to make the changes. I took more time for myself and focused more on yoga. More and more spiritual teachings came into my life, like Kundalini Yoga. A regular Kundalini Yoga practice helped me INCREDIBLY and immediately gave me an inner strength and courage. My energy changed and therefore what I was attracting changed automatically.

The universe works fast AF!

As I began to change on the inside, I was able to live the changes on the outside. I quit my unhealthy job and traveled to India for a few months. This was followed by a few years of yoga teacher trainings, healer trainings, nutrition schools (Western and Ayurvedic), Ayurvedic lifestyle coach trainings. All this enriched me incredibly.

Step by step my life improved. But the most important thing was the inner change.

I started to stop caring about how it would look to the outside world. When I started teaching yoga, people often asked me, "How many students do you have?" The same question came when I started coaching. For me, that's a very limited view, and I measure success completely differently today.

The only thing I care about is HOW I feel and how much I enjoy my work. The enthusiastic feedback and the sparkle in the eyes of my students and clients is just so valuable and so enriching to my soul. This is what truly fulfills me and makes me happy in my heart, I want to continue doing what inspires and excites me the most. I want to contribute to a better world with everything I do, and do it out of love. Because when we help people to be healthier and happier with life, we automatically contribute to a positive development in the world and that is my calling.

My goal is to always live my life as my highest self, and you can do that too.

Are you ready for the journey?

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