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Enjoy the physical pleasures and sensuality and be open for new forms of love

Vibration Update April 19th 2021 - April 25th 2021

This week the Sun and also Mercury, the planet of all forms of communications, enter Taurus.

This is quite a shift from the fast, passionate, adventurous, direct, childish Aries to grounded, stable, slow, and well-considered Taurus that needs safety.

The Taurus energy will slow us down a bit the upcoming month. An excellent way to use this is to focus on work and set a solid foundation for a new Business. Concentrate on making money is also a good idea now.

Taurus will give us some security and make sure we will feel safe and nourished in our bodies. Take time for self-pleasure and experiencing sensuality and bodily sensations. Whatever this might be for you, be it walking barefoot on the floor, eating your favorite meal or being sexually intimate with your partner or yourself.

All those activities will take off the pressure and help you relax and connect more to your inner self, soul, and divine.

It is a good time to check your current relationships if they are balanced and nourish and inspire you. If they drain your energy, consider letting them go or investing less.

Check your self-worth. No one will come and save you. This is your job. Forever and ever.

Do what you need now to feel good.

Mercury affects how we think, speak and understand things.

Mercury in Taurus slows or conversations and communication down, and we think twice before we speak. So different than the past weeks when it was in Aries, and we would blur it out!

But the good thing is - if we speak now, it is more reliable, and you can be sure what others say is how they mean it and be patient until they talk.

Then middle of the week, Mars moves from Gemini to cancer. Our willpower and drive will be more emotionally driven and sometimes a bit unclear and watery. Cancer is pure water, and water is constantly moving, and it, therefore, changes quickly and is not too stable. The beautiful thing about cancer is how compassionate this energy is. Cancer, for me, represents the mother, and it always wants to make sure everyone around us is also taken care of and happy.

In my opinion, cancer and also Taurus are both typical Kapha signs.

What is the best suggestion for Kapha? Movement, activity, trying new things, take a risk, don't look back but move forward and be courageous.

Later in the week, Venus and Uranus have a connection. Wohooo, this is interesting and exciting!

Uranus is the rebel and it says to us, why not trying new forms or relationships? How can we bring more freedom into the existing relationships?

Have you ever considered an open relationship or relationships with more than one partner?

What brings that thought up in you? Does it trigger you? Or does it bring up a hidden desire?

Monogamy might be for some of us, but it is not natural for many people, and they feel it is pushed upon them. Nowadays, we don't need to live a certain way just because society says so. That is over. You can create the form that is just right for you.

Love has no limits, and in my opinion, unconditional love is to bring in freedom for ourselves and our partner(s).

As long as it is honest and feels suitable for everyone involved, everything is allowed. No labeling is needed.

Uranus wants us to try something new and think out of the box!

At the end of the week, Mercury is connected with Uranus and brings up even new downloads and ideas.

If you consciously connect to your soul through meditation, breathwork, chanting, spending time in nature, etc..

Epic downloads and insights are possible!

We end the week more seriously and thoughtfully, and we want to take more responsibility.

Ensure you are not too serious and spend some time with something that is fun and that brings you joy!

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to practice!

Please share if this resonates with you and what your plans for the week are?

Much love,


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