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Create the most joyful version of yourself

Vibration Update for this upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th happening at 12:53 Zurich time.

New moon and solar eclipse together make this moon multiple times stronger than a 'normal' new moon!!!!

It's a game-changing new beginning for all of us.

On the last Full Moon and lunar eclipse we would burn the old stuff and now we create something new.

Gemini explained in one word would be: communication.

Mercury is in Gemini aswell and still retrograde, and the north node is in Gemini as well. The North node is explained in different ways it stands for what we need to learn in this life or our life purpose.

The Moon, Mercury, and The north node are in a connection to Neptune.

Neptune represents our dreams, feelings, intuition, dreams, spiritual awareness. It can also make us feel a bit cloudy in the head and confused.

We might be confused about where to go and if we should make our decisions based on facts and logic with the mind or if we should just tap into our intuition and go from there.

This is the never-ending play of polarities. What should we choose?

I personally believe it is time to focus more on our intuition and feelings but not completely forget about the mind.

We are all empaths; not just some of us have this gift, but every human is born with it! And I am not talking about feeling others' feelings over yours. That would be more called no boundaries, and we need healthy boundaries to access our own feelings and trust them fully.

We have learned not to listen to that gut feeling but to override logic, calculations, and different information. But the world is shifting.

Our intuitive knowing can be trained through meditation, yoga, journaling, energy, and shadow work.

Invest in yourself and book yourself a 1:1 Yoga Class with me!

Yoga is about consciously suppressing negative feelings and invest in the light and positive feelings.

This is all nice and important and I am a Yogi myself and all for good vibes.

But have to be careful that we don't lie to ourselves. Spiritual Bypassing is dangerous but easy to fall into.

Therefore I believe that Yoga or every spiritual Practice you do does not stop when we roll up the mat. That is when it's starting!

Life is our best teacher and it shows us always exactly where we stand.

Right now we are still in between 2 'worlds' and we can smell the new but yet are afraid to leave the old.

But if we are brave enough, we can create a new identity right now.

We can create the best, healthiest, happiest, most honest, and authentic self now.

So what is this new version of you that you want to create right now?

Write down all the words how you would describe yourself living your life as your highest self.

Communication and everything with words is supported now. Use that. Play with your words and thoughts.

Reality check: how you talk to yourself. Be honest.

Do you compliment yourself? Or is it more of a critical voice?

Do you already have a loving nickname for yourself that you would give a lover?

Do you celebrate your little successes? Look at how far you have come!

It is also a good time to connect to new people and to find your soul tribe. Sometimes we feel we are not understood by others but there are people out there who do. Find them!

By the way:

In Vedic astrology, this eclipse happens in Taurus, which is all about money, talents, jobs, things we own, and food.

Work with your very personal subject and book your moon reading now:

I wish you an amazing New Moon and Solar eclipse!




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