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Move your body and manifest your the life of your dreams

NM in Taurus ♉ Tuesday May 11th on 08:59pm Manifesting Time!!! New Moons are the time to go inward and check in with yourself how the past month went and what seeds you wish to plant for this upcoming month or more extended period of time for your very personal subject (want to learn more about your personal theme? book a moon reading!!!!). Here is what this New Moon is saying to you: What are your genuinely grateful for? Don't forget to celebrate life's simple pleasures. It does not need to be a hassle to earn money but instead focus on what you love doing most and ALLOW money to come in that way. Invest in your Soulbusiness. Express your needs and use your voice. Speak your truth. Get off the couch and move your body. Connect to nature. Celebrate your sensuality and sexuality Accept other opinions and don't be too stubborn Allow new things to enter your life. What is your self-worth? How can you genuinely feel abundance in a non-materialistic way? Open your mind to the unknown. Allow yourself to be wild

A few connections add a little special something-something to the moon, such as Neptune, which invites some dreaminess, intuition, inner knowing, psychic insights, and confusion or makes you feel too spaced out. Mercury in Gemini wants us to talk talk talk, and communication seems more straightforward than usual. Don't waste your words and thoughts on too much unimportant stuff. Instead of wasting this energy on small talk, connect mindfully, network with potential soul clients or business partners. Why not sign a contract now if it feels good before Mercury goes retro end of May. Venus is also in Gemini, which makes dating more fun. It is easy to express and to have stimulating conversations. The Connection to Saturn could make us feel restricted but gives us focus, and Jupiter wants to expand all the above. At the moment we lack Fire energy in the Cosmos atm. Therefore, we should add a little fire with active exercises, breath of fire, activating yoga practices, spicy and activating foods. And I am not talking about stimulants like coffee and alcohol here! Take enough time time to FEEL your body. Try not to get overloaded with too much data, but enjoy and nourish yourself more. Be selective wher you put your energy. Unfollow all that does not uplift and inspire you. So, Love, how are you going to use this energy this week?

I love to hear or read from you!!!

Sat Naaaam,


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