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Turning Point!

We have a super rare total lunar eclipse and at the same time a supermoon in Sagittarius which takes place on Wednesday, May 26th 21 at 01:13 pm in Zurich, CEST.

A Moon Eclipse is when the earth is sandwiched between the moon and sun and a super moon is when the moon is closer to the earth.

An eclipse intensifies the energy tremendously and everything is way stronger than on a 'normal' full moon - it is a full moon on steroids and you are affected if you want it or not. ;-)

Sagittarius stands for spirituality, freedom, philosophical world view, spirituality, expanding, learning, but sometimes Sage energy makes us judge situations or other people too fast.

This Eclipse might be a huge turning point for many of us and for humanity.

It is a wake-up call! Why wait to make the changes? The world needs new thinkers. The world needs people that make a difference.

The world needs you!

There are six planets in mutable signs, which gives this a changeable taste. It is easier for us to adapt and make changes if needed. It provides us with shapeshifter energy.

No longer can the truth be hidden. It is highlighted. But then... What is the truth? Is there only one truth?

I have said this many times, but i do believe that the truth can only be found within. Sometimes, when we collect so much information from too many different sources, especially mass media, it leaves us only more confused.

When in truth all we have to do is to connect to our own wisdom.

We do get access to a different point of view and gain a deeper understanding now. Precious insights might happen, and then, you just know what to do next!

This Eclipse is about learning but not with the logical mind so much. This is the old way, the masculine way, but we want to invite more femininity, and here we learn through feeling into the wisdom of the body (especially the womb) and our intuition, more on a spiritual and soul level. It's about truly understanding and accessing the wisdom from within instead of seeking outside information too much.

It is actually about unlearning everything our system taught us.

You might experience intense dreams right now. Those are messages; pay attention to them. Write them down if possible and try to look for the news.

I see this event as tremendously important to consciously LET GO and burn down your old patterns, belief systems that are holding you back to live life as your highest self!

Therefore I highly recommend you to work with your personal birth chart for this Eclipse. Book your Moon Reading with me right now, and let's discover your Souls contract together! Check out my Website for this or just drop me a message, Love!




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