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Vibration Update May 17th until May 23rd


Energetic start into this new week - gets us going and gives us the needed fire to get things done. Go and get whatever you want!

Focused, intense, powerful, fiery.

There could be a bit too much energy - don't be too intense and be prepared for others to be intense.

Can you slow down a bit and just accept what is.

Good to do shadow work. I don't know about you, but for me, some past issues are totally visiting me in my dreams. But I kind of Love doing this profound inner work.

Break-throughs are possible now.

Thursday sun moves into Gemini! I can't wait for that and more lightness after this past month of indulgence and laziness. Lol! At least my experience.

So this next month, the energy is totally different. Gemini Vibes make us super communicative. We now want to have fun and explore new things childishly and innocently. We want to study new things, socialize and get off the couch. We want to meet people and want to check what is happening in your city. Thank god the terraces are open. Let's pray for less rain now!

Be careful not to get bogged down. Too many pieces of information can cause confusion instead of the solution. Instead, let us remind ourselves to listen within instead of collecting too many different opinions, which are only more confusing in the end.

On Sunday, there is also a Venus and Saturn connection. This brings a certain seriousness to our relationships, partnerships, and the relationship to ourselves, which is always the most important one.

Chance for breakthroughs and leveling up in all forms of relationships. Good Questions to ask are: What do I truly desire? Where do I need to set more boundaries? What am I afraid of? What can I/we do to make it more loving?

Don't be too hard but honest about what you need right now.

Celebrate your unique desires and weirdness!

Sunday Merkur and Neptune make a connection, and this might brings intense energy. It makes us almost psychic, and the Energies around us can be felt more intensely.

Set healthy boundaries to make sure you are not overwhelmed by what is going on with others.

Take time for yourself. Chant Aad Guray Namay. Shake the Body.

Practice Breathwork. Move the Energies in your body!

Saturn goes retrograde also on Sunday. Saturn is serious and the one that wants us to learn with hard lessons. This is about responsibility, and it has a connection to what happened last September. Reflect on your themes and decisions you made last September and feel into that time back then. Is there a theme that needs healing or correction?

Whenever a planet goes retrograde, it is time to reflect.

Plan what you want to change rather than take action.

Btw Mercury will go retrograde too in the end of May. But more on that when it happens

Share with me, how are you going to use those energies?

Much Love,

Daniela ๐Ÿ”ปโค๏ธ๐Ÿ”ป


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