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Vibration Update April 12th - April 18th

Tomorrow April 12th early morning here in Europe we have a powerful new moon in Aries. The first sign of the Zodiac. The youngest, the playful one, the warrior, the one that tries new things.

I believe this new moon gifts us with an empty canvas, and we can paint on it whatever we want how we want it.

I am celebrating my birthday tomorrow, and I have to say that I feel that since my early 30's, I am becoming younger every year, that is why I don't have a problem at all with this new number. By the way also feel that I embody all subjects of this New Moon this is why I love Astrology so much!

Since you know that my heart speaks to the deep holistic and energetic work with women, I want to help shift how women relate to our bodies. Therefore, it is more than usual to share with you that I am bleeding right now and just had a day in period bliss. Those days are so precious, and this energy should be enjoyed for yourself and your spiritual practices if possible.

Did you know that a woman's root and crown chakra are fully open during the blood days? What a perfect time with the New Moon and Birthday. For me it is the best gift!

I feel every woman should celebrate her menstrual cycle and all its phases, and if it calls, you celebrate it even more if it's in alignment with the moon.

BTW I have downloaded several subjects for my upcoming workshops. Here a sneak peek of them:

What is Ayurveda? What is the recommended lifestyle now in spring due to Ayurveda? Heal your thyroid. What are the 11 Mooncenters, just to name a few of them.

I will keep you updated about that after the new moon.

Ok let's talk about the new moon and how you can use it for yourself.

We are FINALLY really ending those old chapters we wanted to close for such a long time, but it just was so difficult to let it go. Take the risk to jump into the unknown. Be assured that right now, it is the right time.

You have never been that prepared.

I know, I know, it can feel scary to start fresh. Do what you wanted for so long, but you didn't have the courage. You held on to the old that you have known for so many years. You preferred to stay in the comfort zone.

Now, the aries new moon wants you to say goodbye to old addictions, low self-esteem, doubting ourselves, the victim role, and co-dependency.

Aries is independent, strong, honest, and doesn't care what others think as long as you stick to your truth. Radically.

WE might start to see our true potential and realize how powerful we are. We are no longer afraid of our truth.

March Pisces New Moon helped us get a lot of clarity, and we already could make some massive changes and cut out some stuff that no longer served us. We could release some old knots.

Now we can go one step further.

We start to embody it, and It becomes a reality.

We can finally step into our power.

Don't forget how much work you did last year and especially in the past few months.

I would even say that right now. We are the strongest and most honest version of ourselves that we have ever been.

We are ready. Let's go.

The New Moon is in conjunction with Venus and Mercury. Which will upgrade all our relationships - remember the most important relationship is the one to ourselves also, do we have a connection to everyone we are interacting.

There is an opportunity to change the relationship with money. Many of us, especially in the spiritual world we have some blockages around money and our worth. New Moon in Aries wants us to remember that we do deserve money and that when we give our time and energy, we need to receive something in return. I also believe that what we healers, yoga teachers, coaches offer is priceless in truth. We help people to recognize who they are and support them in their transformation and healing process.

The way we communicate might become more apparent, more courageous, and more direct. It is easier for us to step us for ourselves and to speak our truth honestly. We start to be ok for us that some might disagree and not like us.

But transformation can be intense and triggering. So don't be surprised if you find yourself a bit stressed and anxious around the new moon. It can be scary to face our truth and e how powerful we truly are.

What is important is that everything we do needs to align with the soul and not just the Ego. The Ego wants to keep us small and inconspicuous.

We might realize that we can never go back to the old ways once we have made the decision. This is scary AF to the Ego!

When we start to trust our soul and the connection we have to the divine, universe, god, however you want to call it - we realize that almost everything we learned is just 180 degrees around. We might not 100% know how it all works yet, but it is worth trying and trusting your intuition where she leads you.

Let me know, how does your new life look like?

What are the changes you are making?

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