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Slow down and enjoy the power of daydreaming

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Vibration Update

April 5th 21 - April 11th 21

We are heading in another Week before another powerful New Moon. And for me, since it stands in Aries' sign, it gives us even a super New Beginning and Start. Another chance to rebirth yourself and create something entirely new. I am super happy because the NM falls on an extraordinary Birthday of mine. I love when the Universe does this.

The New Moon will be in alignment with Venus, which is even more powerful and invites more love. But more about the New Moon next Week.

But the Week before a New Moon is a slow week, and we should take it easy.

Good to finish projects, to reflect on the past month. Make corrections but not the time to start something fresh or make any big announcements.

We start the Week with a certain clarity in our communication. That means your thoughts, words, and understanding is heightened. Expect brilliant new Ideas!

Miss Venus will be in Harmony with Mister Mars. Hot lovers come to my mind. Expect explosive romance, passion, passionate creativity, a beautiful dance between masculine and female polarities.

In the middle of the Week we might feel stuck and not able to get things done. That is ok - don't force anything. Instead, Reflect on what you did the past month. Take time to go over easy tasks or, if you can, take some time for yourself. Go for a walk, meditate, journal, breathe, practice yoga, and so on.

Later the Week, the emotional Moon is in Harmony with rebellious Uranus.

This combination makes you want to socialize - go to a yoga class, Woman Circle, or things like that where you can connect on a deep and emotional level and no room for a boring and superficial talk.

At the end of the Week, we might want to be alone and reflect on personal matters or dwell in daydreams or dreaming about the past.

We end the Week in the darkest phase of the Moon (before New Moon), and the Moon will be in a challenging aspect with Neptune, which makes it challenging to take action. We feel like something is stopping us, or it just diminishes.

Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you in one of my classes or coaching sessions!

Drop me a line anytime for questions or just to share. I am happy about every message!

Stay wild,


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