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Why, in my opinion, health must always be considered holistically.

𓆙 Body, mind and soul are the holy triangle and it is impossible to look at only one in isolation, because they are connected.

𓆙 What is often missing for me in conventional medicine is the holistic view. Mostly, only the symptom is looked at in isolation, without looking at what else is connected to it or what the actual cause is. The goal is to eliminate the symptom with as little effort as possible on the part of the patient.

This is a one-sided view and important information is overlooked.

𓆙 Healing is therefore rather short term or does not happen at all, the symptoms are just suppressed with medication.

𓆙 I do appreciate conventional medicine enormously and it has also really helped me. But a true healing only came to me through the holistic view and the way of self-healing. Ayurveda taught me what health and healing really mean and that I may actively do something for it. I am responsible for my own health, I don't just hand it over to a doctor.

𓆙 I am not going to lie here at all, it's exhausting and sometimes really uncomfortable. Despite this, I keep choosing this path because it's the only way I can learn more about myself, my body and hear what my soul is trying to tell me and where it is leading me.

𓆙 Every symptom has a message, an issue to work on and patterns to unravel.

𓆙 We humans are incredibly complex and each person is individual. Every experience is stored in the body and unhealthy beliefs of our childhood may be consciously cleared otherwise they can stay for a lifetime.

𓆙 Each person is individual and has a different body structure, thought world, and way of perceiving and processing things. For example, a drug works well for some people and others do not tolerate it at all. Ayurveda acknowledges this and only works individually.

𓆙 Also, most conventional studies in medicine have been done with men only, because the cycle 'interferes', and then the woman is simply treated as a smaller version of the man.

𓆙 That's why I like to work with women because we can tell so much about their health from their menstrual cycle. However, this only works if a woman doesn't take any contraceptives because then she doesn't have a cycle at all. But that is another topic.

𓆙If you want to level up your life by living a holistic lifestyle I am so happy to support you!

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