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Vibration Update May 3rd- May 9th

We start the new week pretty optimistic and good vibes.

A good day to make plans and also be optimistic that they will work out. For example, making plans to travel soon again! Keeping hopes high and believe in it!

The mind will be pretty active use it to work on your business plans!

Mercury moves from slow Taurus into bubbly airy, flexible and communicative Gemini. Mercury is at home here!!! So our communication will be more active now than in the past few weeks, and we want to share EVERY thought! Haha this can also be too much.

Be a little mindful of what you really want to share.

Btw Mercury usually stays a few weeks in one sign. Still, since we have a Mercury retrograde soon, it will be in Gemini for over 2 months!

We are more in a retrospective mood during the mercury retrograde phase but more about that when it happens next week!

Here it is a good idea to check where Mercury is in your chart - so check which subject comes up for you to communicate about.

There might be some stress in romantic relationships, and we feel we are not getting our needs met. Communication is critical - channel the Gemini in you and just say what you need. No one can read your mind! LOL.

We have the new Moon next Tuesday in Taurus! And the week before a new moon, we start to slow down, and our energy is more introverted.

Focus on finishing projects rather than starting new ones on the New Moon!

Look back at the past month—Journal about how it went for you and make corrections now.

In the middle of the week, we feel the need to take care of others. Soe nurturing feelings might come up. Share the love and compassion!

Also, our dreams could be more intense, and fantasies are more lively. Use that to think about future projects! Write it down and take it out again after the New Moon.

Towards the end of the week, venus and pluto have a connection that activates the lover in us. We might see something special charming, and sparkling in another person, and we flirt easily.

We end the week in light, fun energy, and we want to have fun and celebrate. Enjoy it! Only make sure you don't overindulge.

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Share with me if you can relate and how you will use this energy!



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