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What does it truly mean to realize oneself?

True self-realization is never about power, money, fame or external recognition, but about following the call of the soul.

I believe this is the way to live as the Highest Self.

What it needs:

  • Unapologetic honesty with oneself.

  • Trusting our intuition and inner wisdom

  • Being aware of the impact of one's actionsBeing conscious of the cycles of nature and energies

  • Detaching from expectations of the environment and society and not letting ourselves be put into a box anymore.

  • Letting go of old patriarchal role models

  • Questioning and breaking through existing systems

  • Becoming aware of personal needs, values and boundaries and standing up for them

  • Taking responsibility for one's own well-being and health

  • Not worrying about what others might think

What happens when we live like this?

  • Freeing ourselves from things that make us sick, frustrated, discontented, and unhappy

  • Instead of having a job with which we do not resonate we start creating so that working satisfies us, comes easily to us, and brings us joy; it then becomes a kind of extension of ourselves

  • Serving and supporting others is our natural desire, and the main focus

  • Seeing money as a fair and genuine exchange of energy

  • Comparisons are becoming unnecessary, as well as envy and resentment towards others because we are aware of our uniqueness and dare to live it authentically

  • Gratitude and inner contentment dominate our perception

  • Living in harmony with ourselves, nature and her cycles, energies, and other people

  • Our well-being is the highest priority, and we take good care of ourselves because we only have enough power to serve truly

  • Meeting other people at eye level

  • Honoring and respecting nature and all living beings

Is this path easy?

Not yet, because the systems of our world are outdated and not geared towards self-realization, but energetically one can see that the future lies precisely there. The new age is all about self-knowledge and trusting our inner wisdom, and allowing ourselves to let our heart and intuition guide us instead of the mind. We are in a time of transition, which is always a difficult time, but I am convinced that we can make it with the right tools, beliefs, and people around us.

My questions for you:

  • Do you feel that you still have to switch back and forth between two worlds at the moment?

  • What comes up for you when you think about self-realization?

  • If you could create a new world, what would it look like?

I would love to hear what you think!!!

➡️I am here for you if you need a little assistance in this transition.

➡️My holistic tools support you to know and love yourself better and to clear out beliefs that still stand in your way so that you can become your most vibrant version and follow your calling.




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