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How vata, pitta and kapha experience the Christmas season differently

Vata, Pitta and Kapha perceive the Christmas season quite differently.

Read here how this can be expressed.

Vata: For Vata, this time can really be a lot of external stimuli. All the dinners and get-togethers, as well as all the things that need to get done and all the activities that are offered during this time can be too much for Vata's sensitive nervous system.

Tip: Make sure you have enough time to yourself to relax and ground yourself. Say no before everything becomes too much for you. Don't forget to eat regulary, ideally only warm and lots of root vegetables and healthy carbs.

Pitta: Pitta, our perfectionist and energy bundle, will likely be very busy and want to get a lot done during this time. In addition to normal tasks, Pitta will probably overload itself with Christmas tasks such as baking, getting gifts, organizing family gatherings, sending cards, etc... Most of this Pitta will do at the last minute, Pitta needs the adrenaline, these will be the ones who go shopping for gifts on December 24.

Tip: Pitta needs to be careful not to overextend itself, less is often more here. Try to plan ahead and avoid too many last minute actions. Don't overdo it with acid forming foods like alcohol, caffeine, bread, sugary foods, eat lots of vegetables instead.

Kapha: Kapha is the romantic in the group and this type loves and enjoys the Christmas season. All the lights, Christmas carols and cookies excite them. Kapha loves to give and take care of others and has certainly already gotten gifts for all relatives and friends, probably even those he won't be getting any from himself.

Tip: Be careful not to eat too many sweets and keep your body moving. Plan a fasting day where you eat only soups. Also make sure that you consciously give gifts.

▶️Do you recognize yourself in one of the descriptions?

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