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Level up. Face your fears and smile at them.

Vibration Update April 26th 2021 until May 2nd 2021

This upcoming Full Moon is potent and delicious it is not just another full moon but one of the most intensive ones. It is a pink moon and super moon, but it is also in the sign of Scorpio, which alone is intensity pure, it takes place on April 27th at 05:31 (CEST time) am here in Europe.

Be prepared. This energy is profound, so if you can prepare yourself now, you won't be too overwhelmed.

I recommend working with your personal theme. And because I believe working with the Moon is so powerful, healing, and deeply transformational, I have decided to offer

Moon Readings.

Full Moons illuminate things we don't like to look at, and Scorpio is, for me, THE sign of shadow work. So it might bring some shadow themes to the surface.

At the same time, we have many many planets in fixed sign forming a

t-square with Saturn. Fixed signs are masculine to me.

And Saturn- the teacher that teaches hard lessons is very masculine too.

There are 4 planets in Taurus





Also, Lilith is in Taurus - Lilith is my favorite tool to work with. She brings out our shadows and sexual desires. Pure shadow work at hand!

This brings us a lot of Taurus energy which is the exact opposite of Scorpio.

Taurus is such a Kapha sign. Taurus usually wants to hold on to old things and accumulate stuff or also people.

On the other hand, Scorpio has no problem letting go and burn down what no longer serves them.

Scorpio and Taurus are feminine, in my understanding.

So we have the polarities dancing:

Self-sacrifice vs. Self-Worth.

Self-destruction vs. Self-Acceptance

Intuition vs. intellect

Risk vs. comfort zone

What is your intuition telling you? Do you even hear it underneath all the noise? Become still and learn how to listen.

I feel shiva would be an appropriate god to work with right now.

Shiva embodies creation and new beginnings as well as preservation and destruction. I think this is quite fitting to what we need for these transformational times. And isn't he just so sexy? ;-)

It's rebirth time indeed, and you can go deeper than with a usual moon.

I have to say. I already feel its intensity strongly.

Be brave enough to free yourself from all that you keep doing out of habit, but it does not bring you any further. If we force ourselves into something, it blocks it, and it can not t not flow freely.

Let go of all kinds of superficial connections and make room for deep, raw, vulnerable, authentic, and honest soul connections to recognize your self-worth.

In romantic relationships, only allow the most delicious, sensual, passionate, intense relationship mind and sex-wise.

Level up. Face your fears and smile at them.

What does help to work with this energy is:

Movement, especially Kundalini Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation, Connect to water, Journal, sing and chant, connect to the Shiva energy, dance, self-pleasuring, and sexual experiences.

Tell me love, can you relate?

How do you work with this energy? What tools do you use?

Much Love,


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