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Chestnuts 🌰 are the perfect Ayurvedic snack! Yum 😋

☞ Ayurveda is truly simple to apply, it wants us to consume seasonal foods from our area. Mother nature always ensures that what we need is available in our area.

☞ It doesn't need the use of x number of different supplements or ingredients from India or other far away countries, instead it needs mainly regional and seasonal foods that are full of prana.

☞ The farther a food has traveled, the less prana it has, which means life energy, if you choose mainly foods that are as alive as possible, you can be sure it is full of nutrients and can be digested well, and these are regional and seasonal foods.

☞ Which, of course, doesn't mean you can't make an exception or reach for certain Ayurvedic herbs that support you.

☞ By the way, spices are the exception here and it can be beneficial to cook with foreign and exotic spices.

☞ Ayurveda wants us to live in harmony with nature and our environment. Ayurveda is cyclical and individual, motivating us to observe how we react to a particular food and when, and then to consume mainly what is really good for us.

☞ Pretty simple, isn't it?

☞ Chestnuts are a wonderful example of this. Everyone who lives in Switzerland knows this little nut and we all love to eat them in winter. You can buy them warm on every corner.

☞ That's why sweet chestnuts are the perfect superfood for Vata and for the Vata season, which is now. They are warm, nutritious, easy to digest, good for the immune system and the nervous system!

Just what our bodies need in a cold, dry, windy and for most of us stressful Vata season!!!!

☞ Jackpot!

▶️ Do you like these little things as much?

▶️ Do you have a favorite place where you get your Maroni?

All the love,

Daniela 💫


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